Reading the World in Fethullah Gülen’s Educational Philosophy

Thoroughly reading of the words enables the person to reflect on the world, this quote was said by the educational Brazilian thinker Paulo Freiri as a title for his first message, to those who are courage enough to lead the education and teaching career[1]. This quote represents a summary of his educational philosophy and in the construction of his sober critical thinking through what he called the emancipational education in contrast to the banking education, which enables the people of intellect to reflect on this world by reflecting the words. It is the same quote that we can use referring to the philosophy of Fethullah Gulen, one of the most Islamic Turkish contemporary thinkers who is considered to be one of the greatest students of the Islamic revival Imam Bediuzzaman [Said Nursi], we can also add this quote: “reflecting on the words enables us to reflect on life and the world” to refer to his philosophy and the practices of his movement in its educational side, this paper is presenting how Gulen had formed his philosophy and educational practices.

by Dr. Ali Ünsal