Islam and Terror: From the Perspective of Fethullah Gülen

To associate two radically opposed concepts, Islam and terror, seems nowadays
to be considered a ‘natural’ reaction to comtemporary events; thus we feel that
we are an under obligation to bring these two different terms together in our paper.
The aim of this paper is to show that there is no direct relation between them.
To do this we focus mainly on the question: what is the meaning of terror? We examine
what Islam says about terror; the relationship between the notion of jihad
and Islam; the status of suicide attacks in Islam; and the false justification of
war in the modern world, which can only pave the way for terrorist actions. We address
these issues from the perspectives of the distinguished and eminent Turkish scholar
and thinker Fethullah Gülen. The paper concludes with a summary of the positive
effects of the interfaith/cultural dialogue meetings initiated by Gülen both within
and outside Turkey in order to promote national and international tolerance, peace
and mutual understanding.

by Dr. Ali Ünsal