If people can enter and exit at will, how is the question of the “free-rider” handled in the Gülen Movement?

Fethullah Gülen“Free-riders” in a social movement are those who do not get actively involved if they think that it is risky or costly to them; they leave activism to others, yet take a share of any good or benefit achieved. The potential negative effects of this kind of “free-rider” attitude are limited by internal factors of the Gülen Movement, such as the participants’ choice of projects, self-fulfillment, altruism and vocation. In addition, face-to-face discussions, availability of information and communication channels, skilled leadership in SMOs, and self-willed choice of a network and freedom to exit or withdraw from service-networks in the Gülen Movement obstruct the development of the “free-rider” problem in the first place.

by fgulen.com