Global Peaceful Social Innovation: The Case of Gülen Network


Gulen Network is a unique case of global social innovation based on spirituality in a number of respects. Followers of Gulen have engaged in hundreds of civil society projects and opened more than 500 schools around the globe. Owing to the principles of diversity, love and dialogue, Gulen enjoys voluntary participation of people from different backgrounds, ideologies, nations, classes, races and faiths throughout the world. Gulen Network proposes: a) a model of spiritual partnership and networking based on shared passion and idealism, b) a global agenda for interfaith and intercultural love, cooperation, and dialog, c) a multidimensional view of universal values and spirituality in the workplace, d) a unique case revealing insights for integrating management, religion and spirituality. The main objective of this paper is to understand this movement in detail, taking an internal perspective of the participants.

by Dr. Ali Ünsal