Fethullah Gülen’s Methodology of Interpreting Quran

Faruk TuncerThis paper will examine how F. Gulen perceives and describes Quran as a thinker, which methodology he uses and give examples from his understanding of interpretation demonstrating his place in Quranic sciences. It should be mentioned in advance that Gulen‘s interpretation shows parallel lines with the earlier interpreters of Quran. Nevertheless, it should also be expressed that he differs from them, especially in terms of his explaining today’s problems in the light of Quran verses and bringing up new dimensions and authentic ideas. This examination is about his difference in the method and style that he first improved and then applied while interpreting Quran verses as a thinker. In fact, the aim of this essay is to broaden this statement. (tags : Fethullah Gulen, Hizmet Movement, hizmet)

by Dr. Ali Ünsal