Defining Ethos in Global Values Education

As an investment, education awards a great benefit to the social economy of any country as an efficient and concise human effort focused on productive outcomes. Can commitment to developing thinking skills as well as social and ethical perceptions of behavior for youth offer an opportunity for global peace? The Gϋlen model represents a viable and agreeable international and cross cultural method for teaching these ethics and social skills as a means to manufacture this peace through values education. One cannot deny that within educational systems and societies there exists a lack of practical teaching and knowledge of universally acceptable social skills, values, and moral ethics. (Nelson 2005: 1)[1] F1ollowers of the Gϋlen Movement realize that the future of Turkey lies within the education of its youth; therefore, high standards of expectation and accountability are sought for both students and teachers. (2005: 3-8)[2] In order to sustain and further the global goal of peace a need exists to emphasize ethical and social development and to endorse a supportive ideal that encourages positive human action toward the greater common good of civil society. (Dallmayr 2003: 421- 442)[3]

by Dr. Ali Ünsal