Are the education services purely altruistic or does the Gülen Movement have other political and material objectives too?


Fethullah Gülen’s understanding of duty, to serve humanity especially in the field of education, permits no expectation of material or political gain. Sincerity and purity of intention should never be harmed or contaminated. Fethullah Gülen’s philosophy of education is not utilitarian, nor a social and political activity which can be divorced from the rest of his philosophy or faith, but a firmly integrated and well-developed component of his worldview. Fethullah Gülen says that the means must be as valid as the end, and that apparent or material success is not the only measure. The purpose of the Gülen Movement is to ensure respect for objective and universal human values, to never have ulterior motives to seek material interests nor to impose any ideology or to seize power through politics in any country.